Check out The Knights of Galaria: The Crystals of Power by Barbadian writer Omar. S. Gill.The Knights of Galaria: The Crystals of Power is Barbadian author, Omar Gill’s first science fiction/fantasy novel.
Gill’s book revolves around an unlikely military group of friends who quickly discover that when it comes to truly embracing the life of a warrior…there’s no time like the present.

“The day of his graduation from the Galarian Knight Academy began like any other for Kaz Silverwynd. Then in one near tragic incident, the attempted assassination of the newly appointed Head of the Confederation of Nations, the knight and his team find themselves plunged into an epic adventure filled with danger at every turn. From the floating city of Civitas, to the underwater city of Aequoria, to the moon colony of Ourea, Kaz leads his team past dangerous pitfalls on a perilous journey to stop a madman from achieving his ultimate goal. The conquest of the world.”

AK: Hi Omar! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us and talk to us about your first book, The Knights of Galaria: The Crystals of Power. We are really excited to find more about this so let’s jump right into it!
OG: Sounds good to me!

AK: How long have you been a writer?

OG: While I have always dreamed of being a writer, this is my first novel and the first thing I
actually pushed myself to write. So I would say about a year.
AK:  What made you finally decide to write this book?

OG:   Well I always felt that I had at least one novel in me, but could never find the inspiration to begin. Then when I visited the first AnimeKon and saw what other locals had created with their imagination I felt inspired and finally decided to go for it.

AK: There a number of Barbadian and Caribbean authors out there today, but not many focus on the science fiction/fantasy genre which is what you have done. Why did you choose this specific genre?

OG: Well you go with what you know. Being a child of the late 80′s and early 90′s, Fantasy and Sci FI were the foremost worlds that I was exposed to; we’re talking everything from Star Wars to Star Trek, Masters of the Universe  to Thundercats. I was completely immersed in that form of pop culture. Also I don’t believe in being pigeonholed. I prefer to go where my mind takes me. Who says that Caribbean writers can only write about the Caribbean as we know it?

AK: We hear ya! Can you tell us how long it took you to the write the book?
OG: Nine months start to finish, including the editing.
AK: We were able to get a sneak peek of the actual book – thank you, thank you, thank you by the way! First of all we LOVE the cover art. Very cool! Did you do it yourself?

OG: No way! The cover art was done by a Barbadian artist, Tristan Roach whom I met at AnimeKon.

AK:  We know Tristan! That kid is fantastic!

OG: He definitely is! I found he was able to really visually depict the world I had in my head. It was fun to see it come to life!

AK: His interpretation of the cover art definitely has a lot to do with how vividly you described the universe the characters lived in. Where did you find your inspiration for the creation of such a world?

OG: Well for this world my inspiration was taken from many different aspects of Fantasy and Sci Fi. When I was beginning I knew that I wanted the world to be anachronistic so I incorporated futuristic elements as well as some ancient elements and weapons. I figured if it was going to be pure fantasy then I had the opportunity to create the world exactly as I envisioned it.

AK: We found the characters quite rich in detail as well.  Personally our favourites are the twins, Eri and Evet. Who wouldn’t want their powers!? Do you have any character you identified with the most?

OG: I’ve always thought of the main character Kaz as an extension of myself and tried to incorporate some of my personality in his character.

AK: There are some pretty strong female roles in this book. Particularly Kara. Is she based off of anyone in particular?

OG: Kara is actually not based off of anyone in particular. I just thought that I needed a strong female to compliment Kaz’s character, and she was the result.

AK: We got ya. As they say, behind every good man, there’s a damn good woman. You know …like how Omar has Mel.

OG: Ok Mel, whatever you say.

AK: Shh!! No one’s supposed to know it’s me.

OG: My apologies!

AK: Ok moving on! What would you say are the 2 strongest themes coming out of your book?

OG: Easily teamwork and friendship. As the readers will see they would not have made it through many of the perils throughout the book without either.

AK: Do you have any plans to write a sequel?

OG: I have plans for between three to five more books in this series. I already have the story in my head and will begin writing soon. Stay tuned.

AK: That’s what we like to hear! As a relatively new author what are your thoughts on the local writer’s community?

OG: I know that there is a plethora of talent here in Bim, and I believe that as time goes by we will see more and more writers emerging out of the woodwork.

AK: We sincerely hope so! What was the hardest part about writing your book?

OG:  Finding the inspiration and discipline to sit and put words on a page. If I was feeling lazy or uninspired the words just would not flow. Once I went as much as two and a half weeks without writing a single word. You have to stick with it.

AK: I bet you’re glad you did! I know we are! So will we be seeing you at AnimeKon 2012 to hear some more about your work?

OG: Is this a real question?? OF COURSE I will be there!

AK: Sweet! Are you looking forward to the film adaptation of the movie? J 

OG: If I have my way then there will definitely be a film!

AK: Before we go, do you have any advice for those readers out there who are aspiring writers?

OG: If you want to be a writer, just start writing. Don’t think that you can’t do it or that you’re not good enough. Chances are if you feel so passionately about it then you have an amazing story waiting to be told. Don’t be held back by the thoughts of “What if no one takes me seriously?”
You can go it on your own once you are willing to go the distance. has an amazing service called Kindle Direct Publishing that allows you to publish your work and sell it on their website. It really is worth looking into. It’s actually what I am using to publish Knights of Galaria.

AK: Awesome! It’s pretty impressive that you took the time to even find a tool like that to help you out. So how soon can we expect to see “The Knights of Galaria: The Crystals of Power” on Amazon?

OG: It’s available right now. Anyone can check it out!

AK: Thanks Omar! This was fun!

Click here to check out The Knights of Galaria: The Crystals of Power by Barbadian writer Omar. S. Gill.

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