They say, “a picture speaks a thousand words.”

Paris says, “a series of pictures tell a complete story.”

Master Illustrator and storyteller, Paris Cullins, is set to make his Caribbean convention debut at AnimeKon: LIM8TLESS, September 2 &3, courtesy of Chattel House Books and The Book Source!

He started his professional career in 1979, always knowing as a child he wanted to be a comic book artist.

His mother surprised him with a trip to Marvel Comics in New York City where he met Stan Lee, whom after critiquing his portfolio suggested he sharpen his skills and return for an audition.

Jim Steranko, super veteran comic book artist, a few months later, saw his work and insisted on introducing him to Jim Shooter, editor and chief of Marvel, who got him started drawing Marvel’s Two-In-One, featuring The Thing Meets Rom the Space Knight.

 batman-comic-web wonder-woman-comic

That same year he was invited to DC Comics.  Dick Giordano put him in D.C.’s intern program in 1979, which lead to work on The House Of Mystery and The Unexpected.

Most known for his Blue Period where he displayed dynamic kinetics in his characters along with humorous overtones on DC ComicsBlue Devil and Blue Beetle, and Marvel ComicsHyperkind. His work on Blue Devil was described then as Jack Kirby and George Perez married and had a baby in Japan. He channeled the style of Steve Ditko for Blue Beetle. Paris chose to work primarily for DC Comic’s to draw Forever People mini-series and Jack Kirby’s New Gods, which he received high praise.

While working on the Wonder Woman series Paris was the first to give her muscles.

Paris has pretty much worked for everyone in the industry: he served as cover artist for DC’s inventory and was their primary artist for the first card collection and special projects working on style guides and such Marvel Comics as What If, Luke Cage, Spider Man, Hellraiser, and others but primarily Clive Barker’s Razor Line comic series, the Hyperkind, Image Comics, Archie, Harvey, Nintendo, Defiant, Atari, and Tundra, to name a few illustrating comic books, card art, storyboards, games, packaging, and toy design.

In 2007 Philadelphia-based Maximum Overtime Media premiered Gritz n’ Gravy, “a quarterly illustrated adult urban fantasy and popular-culture national magazine,” with Cullins, co-founder, announced as publisher.

Paris Cullins is co-founder and artist-at-large of Baby Knees and Battle Shins; a media company that publishes sequential art.

Meet the exceptionally talented Paris face-to-face at FLOW AnimeKon: LIM8TLESS on September 2 & 3 in Barbados. Get tickets now!

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