(Associate Professor at Digital Hollywood University Graduate School)

Team AnimeKon welcomes Mitsuteru Takahashi of Digital Hollywood University Graduate School to Barbados for the Caribbean’s #1 comic con!

Mr. Takahashi worked for a media company, where he was engaged in making of commercial videos, promotional videos, television programs and animation. Afterwards, he has been a manager at an educational institution that teaches digital creation. At the same time, he has worked as a researcher specializing in media and contents at universities and research institutions. He published several books in the areas of media mix, movies and animations. His representative books are “Content Industry” and “Anime Studies”.

He also acts as the President of Creative Content Research Association, focusing on competency of persons involved in contents production and history of higher educational institutions.

Takahashi will host two panels at FLOW AnimeKon: LIM8TLESS, discussing exciting topics such as “Introduction to Anime Studies”, “Recent Popular Animations in Japan” and “How to Make An Animation”.

His appearance is sponsored by The Embassy of Japan in Barbados.


Meet the charismatic and creative Takahashi face-to-face at FLOW AnimeKon: LIM8TLESS on September 2 & 3 in Barbados.

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