Maki Roll is the “Cosplay Cutie Turned Burlesque Beauty”.  The DC native started her journey as a cosplayer in 2007, and has since branched out into various forms of entertainment and modeling.  She has made over 30 costumes, but gained extreme recognition for her portrayal of Ryūko Matoi Senketsu Fashion Week from the anime Kill La Kill.

Maki Roll Maze StudioWhen not playing dress up at conventions, she can be seen performing nerdy-inspired burlesque and sideshow acts all over the United States.

As the executive producer of several nerdy-themed shows, Maki strives to create a safe, fun space for performers of all races, genders, sexual orientation and beyond.

Maki is also feature promo model for leather company Gipsy Dharma, and is a sponsored flow artist for Hoopy Frood hoops and flow wands.  She has hosted and participated in several Sonic BoomBox events and is an official cosplay model/booth babe for popular Maryland comic book store chain Collectors Corners.

Maki uses her platform to speak on race issues both in the cosplay community and outside of it.  She was selected as a panellist for the Chocolate City Burlesque & Cabaret “Beyond Blackface: A Conversation on Cultural Appropriation” where she gave her perspective as a cosplayer and model.  

Maki Roll - Brent Allen Thale

Maki’s debut at AnimeKon VII: Quantum Age will make this her first ever featured guest appearance at a Caribbean comic-con, where she will also perform two of her signature burlesque acts at the AnimeKon After Party.

Welcome to the show Maki!

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