Gaming guru, Joseph “Long Island Joe” Ciaramelli is on a world-wide, lifelong mission to share his passion and love for gaming with the entire community.

Joe has been challenging other fighters since the early 1990s when Neo Geos were still all the rave. Titles including The Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury would be his initial experience with competitive gaming – all at the tender age of 5.

Long Island JoeWith the dawn of Mortal Kombat, the man who would become LI Joe, first got his urge for the glory of championship matches. At the age of fifteen, Joe went to the Chinatown fair and learned of the Fighting Gamers Circuit and began to play competitively.

It was there, in 2001, that he fell in love with Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and began his illustrious career.

Joe has travelled the lengths and breadths of the United States, taking no prisoners and leaving digital destruction in his wake.

Georgia, Texas, Ohio, California, Las Vegas, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and South Carolina all carry his footprint.

Joe has even competed in Japan where he played in their major tournament Super Battle Opera. 

 Long Island JoeHe became a tournament organizer in 2009 and created the phenomenally popular event known as East Coast Throwdown. This tournament series has created opportunities for Joe (and his team) to travel to the Caribbean islands to foster relationships with VxG in St. Maarten and SauceKon in St. Lucia.

Thanks to Justin Clarke and the Caribbean Gaming Circuit – LI Joe will be making his next stop (and win!) at AnimeKon in Barbados on August 23 & 24.

Does he have any challengers?

Follow Joe on Twitter and meet him face to face at AnimeKon Episode V: The Empire Rises!

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