AnimeKon is thrilled to announce our first featured Living Legend for 2013: Cosplayer JayEm Sison!

Fitness enthusiast JayEm Sison entered the Cosplay arena just 3 years ago and has already established himself as an unstoppable force  with avid followers hailing from across the globe.

JayEm SisonJayEm is renowned for his realistic depictions of male anime characters with truly enviable physiques. Some of his more well-known cosplays have been as anime characters “Gray Fullbuster” from Fairy Tail and “Kaito” from Black Rock Shooter.

JayEm is in huge demand as an international cosplay ambassador and has strongly represented the community at pop culture conventions in the USA, The Philippines and now Barbados!

JayEm will be attending both days of the AnimeKon convention and, like us, he is incredibly pumped to be featured as a Living Legend this year!

Welcome to AnimeKon 2013 JayEm!

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