Calen HoffmanMaster sculptor and prop-maker, Calen Hoffman of Groot cosplay fame, is one of the most versatile and internationally recognized fine artists in the pop-culture arena.

As the owner and lead sculptor of Propcustomz, Calen is proficient in the use of a range of materials including clay, wood, bondo, fiberglass and foam.

Calen is in high demand as a panelist at U.S. comic conventions where he conducts workshops and engages in meet & greet sessions with fans of his work. His creations continue to wow industry professionals across the globe, including the likes of comic All-Father Stan Lee, who expressed genuine awe and appreciation for Hoffman’s most famous costume – a life-sized version of Lee’s  Marvel character “Groot”  who is featured in the hugely successful Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise and comic book series.

Calen As Groot Calen as Captain America

Calen remains a huge fan favourite at conventions across the U.S. and was recently featured on a Best Cosplays list at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con – the largest and most reputable comic convention in the world.


Calen will be making his Caribbean comic-con debut at the FLOW AnimeKon Expo on August 14 + 15 in Barbados where he will host a workshop and panel for fans. Fans will also be delighted to know that Calen’s “Groot” will also be in attendance along with his “Captain America”.

Welcome to the show Calen!


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