Alison Sealy-Smith is a multiple award winning Canadian actress, born and raised in Barbados.

In addition to many film and TV roles, Sealy-Smith is the founding director of Obsidian Theatre, a company that specializes in Black Canadian drama.

Her film and television credits have included recurring roles in series like Street LegalThis is Wonderland ,The Line, Naturally Sadie and Kevin Hill. Recent feature films include “Talk to Me”, “You Kill Me” and “How She Move”.

Sealy-Smith is also widely renowned for providing the voices of some very memorable animated characters including Storm on the 1990’s X-Men and has worked with some of Hollywood’s most well respected stars such as Jessica Alba, Jennifer Connelly and Don Cheadle.

She currently resides in Barbados and has taken up the mantle of Senior Business Development Officer at the National Cultural Foundation.

Alison Sealy-Smith will be a featured guest at AnimeKon 2012 and will be a part of several events which include a voice actors’ workshop and a performance arts showcase.

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