In addition to all the action on the show floor with over 100 awesome exhibitors, we’ve got some pretty epic things happening on stage this year like our Mini Kon Competitions! It seems like most of you are big fans of “impromptu” competitions we’ve had in the past and so we’ve brought a couple of them back…plus added a few more.


Karaoke Kon

Prize: $200

Karaoke Kon
Could it be J-POP? What about K-POP? Rock? Heavy Metal?

Maybe even TV Themes??

What’s the tune someone’s most likely to find you belting out in the shower??

Take the stage with other contestants and wow us with your sweet voice and best rendition of your favourite song.

Our judges will choose the winner!

And just like Highlander – there can only be one Karaoke Kon Idol.




Trivia Kon

Prize: $300

Trivia KonOct 3, 2002 marks the debut of what wildly popular anime TV series??

We’re sure someone knows the answer to that question because no-one knows pop culture like our fans!

We’re hosting this Jeopardy-style inspired game show to find out who’s the real pop culture maven in the Caribbean!



Mimic Kon

The Epic Rant Edition

Prize: $100

Epic RantWho could forget Darth Vader’s shocking revelation that he was Luke’s father?

Or Mumm-ra’s insistent tirade claiming that he is “the ever-living”?

We’re excited to see which famous speech or rant our fans attempt to imitate.

The crowd chooses the winner and as always we’re sure the results will be hilarious and memorable!



Mimic Kon

The Kamehameha Edition

Prize: $100

Kamehameha KonAn AnimeKon crowd favourite!!

Are you a massive fan of the anime classic Dragon Ball Z?

We want you to summon your inner Goku and blast us all away with your best imitation of the Saiyan’s famous battle move!

Registration for all Mini Kon competitions starts soon!

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