Cosplay overlords…ASSEMBLE!
Laurie Dash; The Craft Shop and AnimeKon Expo are proud to present the 2017 Omega Overlords Cosplay Tournament!
Anyone 15 years and up can join this geek-tastic competition for a chance to win the  SOLO GRAND PRIZE of $1200 CASH.
Just create a costume of your favourite character from a book, comic, anime or video game to be judged by our expert panel.

Have no fear; once you pay close attention to detail and LIGHT UP the stage with a unique and memorable performance, you’re sure to impress us all!

Having cold feet about performing alone?
Feel free to enter with your fellow cosplay cohorts to take home the GROUP PRIZE of $1000!
We have a variety of other prizes to be won including cash, medals, sponsor donations, and AnimeKon 2018 tickets so you don’t miss out on next year’s fun!
Interested in finding out more?
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Tournament Rules and Prizes

View or download more information on:

The Laurie Dash: The Craft Shop Cosplay Tournament & Parade Rules



Register as an individual for the Cosplay Tournament here.

Register as group for the Cosplay Tournament here.

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