Maki Roll - The Big Tog

Maki Roll

Maki Roll is the "Cosplay Cutie Turned Burlesque Beauty".  The DC native started her journey as a cosplayer in 2007, and has since branched out into various forms of entertainment and modeling.  She has made...
Calen Hoffman

Calen Hoffman

Master sculptor and prop-maker, Calen Hoffman of Groot cosplay fame, is one of the most versatile and internationally recognized fine artists in the pop-culture arena. As the owner and lead sculptor of...

Lucy A. Snyder

Fantasy Author Lucy A. Snyder Announced as Featured Guest! Four-time Bram Stoker Award winner Lucy A. Snyder will be the featured guest at the Chattel House Books/Book Source Authors' Lounge at the FLOW...

Christian Howard

Christian is excited to be attending AnimeKon as a featured guest and is looking forward to performing on stage for his fans as well as sharing more details on his role as a film maker and an actor on a number of upcoming projects.

Kamui - Wizard

Kamui Cosplay

The phenomenally talented Kamui Cosplay is coming to AnimeKon VI: Fantopia! We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome the fantastic Kamui aka Svetlana Quindt; an acclaimed costume and prop designer all the...
Randy Stradley

Randy Stradley

Writer Randy Stradley will probably always be remembered as the man who killed Chewbacca in the Star Wars New Jedi Order series. As Vice President of Publishing for Dark Horse Comics, the third largest...
Long Island Joe

Long Island Joe

Gaming guru, Joseph “Long Island Joe” Ciaramelli is on a world-wide, lifelong mission to share his passion and love for gaming with the entire community. Joe has been challenging other fighters since the...
Junkers Cosplay Inc as Tryndamere from League of Legends

Junkers Cosplay

Junkers Cosplay is headed to AnimeKon! Johnny Zabate of Junkers Cosplay is a Navy veteran turned student and cosplayer. Currently attending University of California San Diego for Structural...