Thinking about cosplaying at the biggest anime and pop culture convention in the Caribbean? Here’s not 1, but 5, AMAZING reasons why you should give it a go!

1. Become A Superhero


So you think it’s just you that’s always wanted to dress up as Batman and fight crime? Error!
Just like bowties, superheroes (and let’s be honest, villains) are cool. Go on and embrace your imagination! Let loose and have fun as your favourite superhero, villain or anything you like! It’s wish fulfilment pure and simple!
Just please mind those capes.


2. Make New Friends


Cosplaying is awesome because you get to meet tons of people who share similar interests. With any luck you’ll get to have an awesome group photo with characters that live in the same universe as your own cosplay.
Watch out for those doppelgangers! Choose a really popular cosplay and you could find yourself meeting up with whole bunch of lovely Hinatas! If you’re really super lucky, maybe…just maybe you’ll find the Black Canary to your Green Arrow. *wink*


3. Win the Cosplay Tournament


Put your creativity and costuming skills to the ultimate test and you could win some sweet prizes in the AnimeKon Cosplay Tournament! Each year some show-stopping cosplayer dazzles our group of judges and walks away with a hefty cash prize, tournament trophy and a professional photo shoot as a reward for their onstage performance. Why shouldn’t that cosplayer be you?


4. Walk Tall

Cosplay has been known to really help bring fans out of their shell, allowing them to develop greater self esteem and to become way more outgoing. You’ll find that with each new cosplay your passion for making and creating new costumes will grow, as will your confidence in your skills and overall appearance. You’ll learn to embrace new challenges in all areas of your life instead of avoiding them.


5. Do Something You’ll Never Forget

It really doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like. Cosplay is fun for everyone. That means you, dude!
Now’s the time to surprise yourself (and your friends too)!
So go on and pull out that list of characters you’ve filed under “So Yea – They’d Be Fun To Cosplay” and start choosing. You’ll always have the most fun cosplaying characters that you love and the reward of pulling it off will only motivate you further. Plus, at the end of the day you’ll have awesome snaps + video clips to look back at and say “Yeah…I did that!”
Achievement TOTALLY unlocked!

** All photos were taken at AnimeKon Expo 2014 and were provided by Andrew Browne Photography.

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