Things we learned about Thanos this week:
1. He has no time for cats.
2. He’s heavy into 90′s pop.
3. He’s quite the salesman.
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- Team AnimeKon


Alicia C.
Oh. My.

Alicia, I see where this is going. Of course I am flattered. But to paraphrase the great Earth Philosopher Jennifer Paige: it’s just a little crush. Don’t make a fuss and get crazy over you and me. Alicia you’re banging on my heart of darkness. Please don’t make too much of it. You say the word “forevermore”. That’s not what I’m looking for; all I can commit to is “maybe.”

What? She’s not talking about me?
How could she not be…oh … OH … OH!
Well this is awkward. Ha! Ha…

Alicia, pull this person aside and let them know how you feel. Choose an easy stress-free setting like after work or school, or at a group event when you know you can pull them away to chat for a while. Let them feel comfortable, tell a joke and then…just let them know how you feel.
*Cough* Yah and let me know how it goes ok?
Next question.


Andrew B

Your reference to Schrodinger suggests that you Browne are a cat lover. Recent events have clearly shown that, despite setting aside my galaxy conquering intentions, the universe still remains a dangerous place for this particular Titan especially from cat lovers.
Were a feline fancier to wield the Infinity Gauntlet the entire universe would stand in grave peril! We do not like pro-pussycat people here! The only thing more dangerous would be to give it to a Brony! Yeah I said it!
So, no, Andrew Browne; you cannot borrow the Gauntlet in August. It would be far worse were you to have it, than I.



Dear Hannah Swift,

Have you come to the end of the Internet and been met with nothing but the cold vastness of space and your life and found those both empty? Excellent. Now you can begin your journey as a world-shattering megalomaniacal despot. Have you heard of my book “The Thanos Way” which outlines how best to do this? It’s on sale for just $19.99!
Failing that, may I suggest you consider taking up cosplaying? It’s an intense, stressful hobby filled with deadlines and self-doubt, bringing countless hours of fun for all! Good luck!
Well chums this has been my sixth week fielding these Earth questions and I think I have been doing a GREAT job don’t you? Of course you do for am I not Thanos??!?!

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