What a wild ride it’s been. But all good things must come to an end. Thanos is here to say farewell!



Grim Thanos cares not for little horses. Nor does he care for cartoons, or 80s propaganda! All Thanos cares about is his all-encompassing will across the universe.  No! All universes! When I held the Heart of the Universe none could resist me. It was the only thing more powerful than the Gauntlet! And you pester me about ponies. I scorn in your general direction at the notion of the cuteness of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy! Not that I know what those are, because I only know about death and oblivion. Next question please.



Cookies are Thanos’ favourite treat! When I once again control the universe, all we shall have is cookies! Breakfast? Cookies! Lunch? Cookies! Guess what’s for dinner? You bet… MOAR COOKIES! In fact, I will go and get some cookies now. Mistress Death too likes cookies…cookies…. I miss her so much.



The blind warrior Daredevil? How dare you speak of sight to a man whose senses transcend reality? Daredevil means less to me than a… man who am I kidding! That show is freaking hawt! I had to spend an extra week at AnimeKon HQ because I bought a pony, a year’s worth of cookies and re-subscribed to Netflix! Curse you online purchases! There is no hope for you now!


Current Affairs

By listening to BBC FM of course. That Matthew Bannister has a reporting ethic that reaches above Big Ben. And Neil Nunes!

Woooo that voice! You can’t just find a voice like that anywhere. When I want some local flavor, I listen to Brasstacks. That Dennis Johnson is really something! Love it! Ahem!

Thanos has no need for news, my extra spatial awareness keeps me abreast of the entire galaxy at once! My knowledge is absolute. The only thing that confounds me is how they get the flavour into those pop rocks. I ate a bunch once with some Coke once and it almost immolated my brain!

Don’t try it at home kids.



Thankfully Kevin, you shall not bear the brunt of my wrath for these things you have said! As for now, it is time for me to clock out and get the Gauntlet back! I have enough for a down payment.

Let me just peek at my salary statement.

Wait. What is this? What *is* this?? NIS? VAT? Consolidation tax?

What Fresh Hell Is This??!

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