D-Piddy Answers 10 Questions About His Awesomeness!

There’s no denying it.

We are all fascinated by D-Piddy’s existence!

The seemingly ubiquitous cosplayer is unstoppable and the speed with which he appears at conventions and then cranks out those awesome highlight reels we all love to watch (and re-watch) is nothing short of amazing.

So what’s one of cosplay’s busiest ambassadors really like anyway?

We hunted D-Piddy for the quickest of chats (just 10 questions cus he’s a busy dude alright??) and the “Merc with the Moves” was only too happy to oblige.

Author’s Note: We’re just gonna geek out here for a second and get it out of the way. (screams internally) Now that that’s done we can continue with the interview!

AnimeKon: Hey D-Piddy! So – 1st question. We have to ask this of everyone so bear with us – what made you decide to get into cosplay in the first place?

 D-Piddy: Hey AnimeKon! I went to a geek convention for the first time in 2004 (Anime Expo) as a regular attendee looking forward to buy stuff, hang out with friends and just watch anime. While there weren’t too many of them, it was my first time seeing cosplayers and I thought it was cool seeing them dressed up as characters I like and recognize. My friends and I wanted to try it out the next year, and we did.



AK: You definitely got bit by the cosplay bug! So why Deadpool?
Out of all the characters you could choose to cosplay, why did you choose him?

DP: Truthfully I wasn’t always a fan of Deadpool. I mean, I knew who he was, but I never actually read any of this stuff. It wasn’t until Marvel’s Civil War event came out. I started reading the Cable vs Deadpool event crossover, and I just fell in love with the guy!

He was funny, witty and overall badass. And he looked cool, too. It wasn’t until Daniel Way got ahold of writing Deadpool that the character really got into “internet meme” mode, and he was just super crazy.

That’s when I decided to do him… I think it was in 2008 or 2009 when I first wore Deadpool.


AK: And things pretty much shot off from there!
What was your immediate thought when you first tried on the Deadpool costume?

DP:  “This feels… awesome.”


AK: Deadpool is arguably your most well-known cosplay but you have done others which we also love. Do you have any particular criteria when choosing your cosplays?

DP: I just pick characters I like! But I mean, now that I have that whole “secret identity” thing going on, I try picking characters where I can hide my face. It also makes it kind of challenging, which kind of makes it fun!


fanime_cosplay_16AK: It’s fun for us fans too! You’re definitely someone people look forward to seeing at conventions. From all the clips we’ve seen you tend to make everyone’s day! Tell us about your most memorable cosplay experience.

DP: There are honestly TOO many awesome experiences. But whenever someone says “OMG, are you the guy who does those videos on YouTube??” and they’re totally crazy happy to see me, that always makes my day. I’m just glad to know that there are people out there that watch my stuff and like it.


AK: You’ve got loads of those people here in Barbados AND throughout the Caribbean. So now that we’ve mentioned the infamous videos – do you have a favourite one that you’ve done? What was the filming experience like?

DP: My favorite video would have to be my Happy Parody, “Cosplay”! It was awesome to work with so many cosplayers from all around the world and help participate in the project, and I really liked the message I was able to give, and how the video turned out overall.

My typical convention videos are all shot spontaneously. Meaning, I pick a costume, I get my cameraman, we go to the convention, look for cosplayers, and I basically come up with stuff on the spot.

Everything I shoot is unplanned. I mean, I have ideas in my head and certain characters I want to feature in my video, but there’s a chance I might not even find said character or the conditions to my idea might change because of the area we’re in or time of day it is.

So yeah – it’s a lot of impromptu, but I manage to somehow come up with enough ideas to make an interesting video!


AK: No complaints here! Now so far you’ve done Deadpool, Colossal Titan, Kakashi, Skeletor, Luigi and Walter White from Breaking Bad. Any hints as to what other cosplays are on the horizon for you? Or should everyone just head over to your facebook page and join the guessing game there?

DP: Oh I like keeping things a secret. It’s fun! Like… NO ONE expected Luigi, and that’s because he doesn’t have a mask, and people expect that from me (even though I still found a way to hide my face!).

I just love the surprise people get, especially when they figure out what I plan on doing with the character for my videos.


Colossal TitanAK: Aside from Deadpool – what’s your favourite cosplay that you’ve done thus far and why?

DP: I like wearing the Colossal Titan because it just looks super silly when I act wacky in it.


AK: We would tend to agree there LOL. You’re known as “The Merc with the Moves”.
Has anyone ever approached you about doing “Deadpool: The Musical”?

DP: Nope! But if that opportunity ever came to me, I’d be all up on it!


AK: Yea?? So say you were going to do a Deadpool musical – who would you cast alongside your amazing self and why?

DP: Hugh Jackman could be my Wolverine because 1) he actually sings really well and 2)… he’s Wolverine!


AK: No argument from us!
Let’s talk about the future. You probably won’t play Deadpool forever but someday your kid might!
How do you feel about passing on the mantle to someone in your family and making this phenomenon part of your family legacy?

DP: HAH! That would be awesome!


AK: We think so! We’ll be seeing D-Piddy for years and years to come and no-one would ever be able to guess who the cosplayer really was! We’re glad you like the idea!

So – our final question.

Dude – should we be worried about you wreaking total and compete havoc at AnimeKon 2014?


Well actually, I might do something different for AnimeKon… but we’ll see if I finish in time!


AK: Hmm. You know this was actually 12 questions but so what? Just like you, we do what we want!



A/N: This. Was. Awesome. Can someone please make “Deadpool: The Musical” a thing? Can we set up a Kickstarter for this baby?


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