Most of our featured guests will provide autographs, photo ops and selfies on both days of the convention.

It is important to remember that prices for each of these differ according to the guest.

Autographs, Photo Ops & Selfies for Phil LaMarr and Kelly Hu

Sold exclusively at the AnimeKon Store located at Booth E8 for the following prices:

  • Autograph         $40
  • Photo Op           $40
  • Selfie                  $20

Ticket distribution begins at 12 P.M. and ends at 2 P.M. each day.

You can pre-register in order to secure your ticket here. Tickets for these guests are limited.

Specific prints will be provided for the autograph sessions but you are welcome to bring something more personal for them to sign.

Autographs, Photo Ops & Selfies for Princess Mentality Cosplay and Maki Roll’s Chop Shop

Autograph, Photo Op & Selfie Tickets for Princess Mentality Cosplay and Maki Roll’s Chop Shop will be sold exclusively at their tables E5 and E7 respectively.

Pricing will range from $10 to $20.

There is no set time for ticket distribution.

Official AnimeKon Autograph + Photo Sessions:

These are controlled by the AnimeKon staff.

They are listed in our schedule and are generally 30 mins to one hour long, and each fan is limited to ONE ITEM, PHOTO and/or SELFIE.

Guests at these official sessions will sell photos and other merchandise, or charge for additional autographs.

You can also bring something to be signed.

The best way to figure out who is doing what, where and when is to keep checking our schedule and our social media for updates.

Here’s how to get an autograph from and/or selfie or photo op with a guest at AnimeKon.

How Official AnimeKon Autograph + Photo Op Sessions Work:

  1. Check the Autograph + Photo Ops Schedule or our event page for updates.
  2. Purchase your desired ticket (Autograph, Photo Op and/or Selfie) from the designated table or booth.
  3. Official line-ups start approximately 30 MINS PRIOR to the guest’s listed time. At that point, staff will direct you to the designated line-up area for that guest session. (ONLY the official line counts when it comes to placement.)
  4. ANIMEKON PRIME PASSES: Contest winners and others may have special passes (like the AnimeKon PRIME Pass) that allow them to move to the front of the line. If you have such a pass, find a staffer and present it, ideally just before the start of the autograph session.
  5. AnimeKon Inc., reserves the right to refuse access to any member who fails to follow the rules (or attempts to circumvent them). Anyone caught in the act is subject to the disruptive behaviour policy, and will be removed from the convention centre.

AnimeKon Inc., also reserves the right to make changes to guests policies as circumstances dictate. If you have a question about policy, please speak to the steward in charge of the guest appearance or signing. All staff rulings are final.

Proper Autograph, Photo Op & Selfie Etiquette:

  1. BE ON TIME: There are time slots for a reason. Please adhere to them.
  2. BE PREPARED: Have your item selected and ready to sign if you’re getting an autograph. Figure out how you want to pose with the guest if you’re taking photo. You’ve got one shot at that selfie – make it count!
  3. DON’T WASTE TIME: There’s a long line of people waiting behind you, so be courteous to them.
  4. FOLLOW THE RULES:. One item per person is the default rule. If the guest doesn’t have a big line, you may be able to spend a little more time or get another item signed — but please check with the steward on duty first.


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