Thinking of checking out the Caribbean’s #1 Comic-Con this summer? Here are 7 must-see attractions that you don’t want to miss!

1. Greenopolis


From the rugged desert plains of Tatooine to the fabled Halls of Valhalla, the Crucial Productions green screen room at AnimeKon VI: Fantopia is set to take you to another world. Thanks to master engineer Elf Productions, “Greenopolis” will instantly transport your cosplay character to a magical “cos-place”!

Be sure to record your adventures on our specially branded USB drives. Those in possession of these special treasures could also win the “Golden Prize”!


2. Fantopia Hamlet


This magical hamlet is full of unexpected surprises and is the very essence of Fantopia. Gather your group of explorers as you traverse through a garden of enchantment, a castle under siege and a strangely captivating dungeon.  It’s all your favourite fantasies come to life on our custom sound stage where you can film your own Vines, Snapchats and take loads of pics with fellow fans!


3. Tomenheim


Fan-favourite literature comes to life in the magical realm of Tomenheim. Curry favour with this realm’s Paragon, an international best-selling author (soon to be announced! Wander amid the Treasure Trove of Tomenhein, a dragon’s horde of books and comics! Lay bare the curtain of mystery with communal panel discussions and feast your eyes upon the latest and most thrilling literature trailers! Experience the wonder that is Tomenheim – the Book Source Authors’ Lounge at AnimeKon VI: Fantopia.


4. The Moors of Desolation

Moors of Desolation - Caution

When it comes to bone chilling and eerie lands, not even Westeros can beat the Moors of Desolation. Hosted by the terrifically, terrifying team over at Bajan Frightfest, you’ll get an earful of terror, visions of death and gloom and enough horror to plague your dreams until their own event at Halloween. Venture into the Moors if you dare!


5.    Gamerdom


The hallowed lands of Gamerdom delve into the futuristic realms of regional E-Sports. The local nation, Carigames has allied with the regional Caribbean E-sports Alliance (CEA) to bring you a Final Stand Tournament like never before.
With an impressive 4900 square feet of gaming extravaganza, they promise the epitome of casual and competitive gaming, numerous on stage activities including semi-final and finals matches, regional v.s U.S pro gamer exhibitions as well as patronage by the internationally renowned Full Sail University.


6.    City of Legends

City of Legends

Step into the captivating worlds of cosplay, martial arts, sound design and special effects as each of our featured guests shares tales of their adventures through engaging, inspirational and informative panel discussions. Witness the crowning of the new Saiyan Prince as contestants battle for dominance in the crowd-pleasing Kamehameha competition.  Feast your eyes on the unrivalled spectacle that is the AnimeKon Cosplay Parade & Tournament featuring cosplayers from Barbados, St. Lucia and Trinidad & Tobago. Plus – there’s a Ramen Eating Contest.

Need we say more?


7.    The Masquerade


Don your favourite cosplay and end your exhilarating Fantopia experience with an even bigger bang than it began with! Join fellow fans and guests in the famed City of Legends as DJ Paul DeCoteau storms the stage for an epic finale with our legendary after-party.

Free shots, silly string wars and digital graffiti art are just some of the fun things you can look forward to at “The Masquerade” hosted this year by Aeon Entertainment.

Don’t miss AnimeKon VI: Fantopia at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre this August 15 + 16. Tickets are now available on and these box offices.

Flying in for the show and need a place to stay? Talk to us about your Geekcation plans!

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    hello, i am considering coming this year but i would like to know whether all this information that was just dispensed whether it is pertaining to this year 2015′s animekon or this was last year’s animekon? please reply asap! Thank You!!!


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