Local and regional cosplayers have the chance to win BIG in this year’s AnimeKon Cosplay Tournament.

The competition boasts an unprecedented BD$4000 (US$2000) in cash and prizes; truly exciting news for contestant hopefuls.

In addition to increased cash prizes, contestants can win their own professional cosplay photo shoot, branded winners’ trophies and gift vouchers for costume supplies.

“Cosplay has really proven itself to be a major attraction for the show,” said Melissa Young, Creative Director of AnimeKon Expo.

“With each iteration of the event, we see a marked increase in the number of entrants to the actual competition. Concurrently we also see a spike in crowd attendance and participation. The fans can’t wait to see what fun, intricate and quite frankly stunning pieces are revealed on stage!”

Executive Director of AnimeKon, Omar Kennedy also weighed in on the exciting news.

“Cosplay is huge. And it’s only going to get bigger. We are well aware of the immense effort put into this craft by the fans and this year we feel as if we’re finally getting the chance to reward them in the way that they truly deserve. The cosplayers are an integral part to the success of AnimeKon. They’re ambassadors for the show and as such their contribution is truly invaluable.”

Another first for this year’s cosplay tournament is the introduction of a Group Cosplay category, something fans have been keen on having the organisation implement.

“It’s our 5th year and we decided that it was the perfect time to add this element to an already successful competition,” said Young.

“We’ve had group cosplays as part of our annual stage parade but it’s time to up the ante.    The cosplay community in Barbados, and really throughout the region, has truly blossomed. As far as AnimeKon is concerned, the regional cosplay community is more than ready to show the pop culture world something truly phenomenal. We’re excited to see what comes!”

Full details on the AnimeKon Cosplay Tournament are available here.

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